Mass Building: There are some muscle building basics that are involved in fitness. First the calorie and protein intake must be increased. Once a person enters the gym one must try to perform compound movements. After that one must train with weights at least four times a week. One must always remember that rest also must be given top priority. When one gives tome to the body to relax it is then the muscle tissue begins to grow.

Weights: Lifting weights is part of every gym work out. Research has shown that it is time under tension that makes the muscle grow. One must hold on to weights ranging from thirty to forty seconds. If one fails to do so then the muscles are not responding. If one fails with in twenty seconds then the weights are too heavy for the person to lift.

Cardio Exercise : If one is trying to put on much weight or increase the body mass then he or she would not like to do too much of cardio exercises. This is because one will be burning fat and losing too many calories. So what is the solution if one wants to do cardio exercises? Well the answer to that would be to do jogging for twenty minutes for a few days in a week.

Food Supplements: For boosting muscle gain food supplements can play a vital role. To increase one‘s performance researchers suggest the intake of peppermint. The reason behind this is that the scent of the peppermint gives the thought that of how hard one is working out. It also helps one to feel less strenuous, work at a slower pace and the exercise is easier to complete.

Prepare yourself. One needs to be hydrated and eating well when it comes for training for endurance. There should be a good mix of cardio exercises along with weight training. One should include intense interval training so as to increase the aerobic activity. One will be really burning calories and sweating excessively. So be prepared for it.