cropped-fu.jpgHuman beings drink anything and everything. Compared to animals, that drinks only when it is needed, unlike the human beings who drink just about any time. Hence drinking alcohol with family of friends during any occasion is considered most common among humans. There are people who drink daily and still remain healthy and fit but there are others who end up having pain in the kidney after drinking alcohol.

Reason for kidney pain with the intake of alcohol: There are many reasons behind the pain when people drink alcohol. There are others who experience a dull pain when they stopped drinking. There are some causes which are as follows:

  1. Overwork of the Kidney: The main job of the kidney is to filter the waste materials and keep the body hydrated. What many do not know is that the kidney has a limited capacity to process alcohol. So if the person drinks alcohol excessively then it makes the kidney work harder and longer. This overtime leads to excessive urination. This could severe pain and discomfort.
  2. Fragile Renal pelvis: The urine passes through the ureter through a tubular structure called thytdfte renal pelvis. Drinking excessively leads to excessive urination. However once the urine has passed the pain subsides.
  3. Kidney Stones: Excessive drinking of alcohol can lead to dehydration. This is because all the liquids with the essential salts pass out in the form of urine and this leads to kidney stone. The chances of developing kidney stone are greater if one has a sedentary life style and an imbalance diet. Excessive drinking leads to urination frequently and this causes the kidney stones to move and so the pain arises.
  4. Liver diseases: Those who are affected by this could have kidney pain. Any liver disease affects the rate at which blood moves through the kidneys. This again causes the kidney to work harder resulting in kidney pain.

What does a Kidney pain feel like? Just as we are told as to what it feels like when one is having a heart attack the same way, one needs to be told as to how one feels during kidney pain. In many cases the pain is intense and excruciating and that literally becomes unbearable at night. There is severe pain in the buttock and the lowest rib and this is a sign of kidney pain. If the pain radiates down the flank or towards the abdominal region one can de sure this is a sign of kidney pain. There are other symptoms such as nrtausea, fever, blood in the urine and painful urination. All these symptoms prove that this is a sign of kidney pain.

Treatment of Kidney pain: Experiencing pain while one is drinking is the body way of saying that all is not well inside. However if drinking is to blame then one must quit drinking immediately. It is not that simple for one who has been drinking like a fish. One will need to take the help of professionals or join an organization. There is many such NGO.s that fight for such causes and the well known one is Alcoholic Anonymous. It is then possible to stop drinking and bring back life on the right track. Even though one has not been drinking too much over the years one can still cut down on the consumption of alcohol.



Mass Building: There are some muscle building basics that are involved in fitness. First the calorie and protein intake must be increased. Once a person enters the gym one must try to perform compound movements. After that one must train with weights at least four times a week. One must always remember that rest also must be given top priority. When one gives tome to the body to relax it is then the muscle tissue begins to grow.

Weights: Lifting weights is part of every gym work out. Research has shown that it is time under tension that makes the muscle grow. One must hold on to weights ranging from thirty to forty seconds. If one fails to do so then the muscles are not responding. If one fails with in twenty seconds then the weights are too heavy for the person to lift.

Cardio Exercise : If one is trying to put on much weight or increase the body mass then he or she would not like to do too much of cardio exercises. This is because one will be burning fat and losing too many calories. So what is the solution if one wants to do cardio exercises? Well the answer to that would be to do jogging for twenty minutes for a few days in a week.

Food Supplements: For boosting muscle gain food supplements can play a vital role. To increase one‘s performance researchers suggest the intake of peppermint. The reason behind this is that the scent of the peppermint gives the thought that of how hard one is working out. It also helps one to feel less strenuous, work at a slower pace and the exercise is easier to complete.

Prepare yourself. One needs to be hydrated and eating well when it comes for training for endurance. There should be a good mix of cardio exercises along with weight training. One should include intense interval training so as to increase the aerobic activity. One will be really burning calories and sweating excessively. So be prepared for it.…


Fitness is something which every individual must feel important. For that here are a few tips to lead a healthy life style and be fit as ever.

Healthy Eating: Every trainer will insist that healthy eating is the backbone of fitness. The body needs fuel and food is the source from which the body gets it. To achieve one’s goal one must eat proper nutritional foods to get the body in fit condition. It is essential to maintain a balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetable and non vegetarian food. The body needs carbohydrates, proteins and fats to remain healthy. If it is possible one can shift to eating organic food.

Purposeful eating : There should be nutritional value in the food that is consumed. One must stay from junk food like pizza, chips, burgers that give no nutritional value but fill the stomach. One must make sure that every food that one eats should provide nutrition to the body and work as a fuel during the workouts.…